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Artificially Intelligent BOTS :The Future of Technology | Lucideus Research

Ordering your favourite cuisine without even speaking to any human? Sounds Cool.Yeah!
Also you can give your preferences to customise your order, delivery timings and much more.
But how is that even possible.

                                             The answer to this question is BOTS.

What is a Bot?
A bot or a software agent is a tenacious software application that works as human assistant by doing task through automation using scripts and logics without prolonged direct supervision, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone.

Some of the key bots making the world a better place are:

AutoML: Google has created AutoMl that renders top-notch quality Artificial Intelligence programs which pretty much suffice the current need of cutting edge programmers in the AI field.
AutoML left researchers flabbergasted as it developed better code than its creators.

U-Report: Unicef created its own bot, U-Report, giving voice to young generation via Facebook and twitter for a variety of issues ranging from climate change to economy.

QUITXT: Helping people to quit smoking, QUITXT is one of its kind messaging chatbot.It helps addicted puffers to manage their cravings, encourage them to give up and not to look back.

ALICE: Stands for Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity is one of the oldest bot to go online.

SAFE Bots: Agents that consumes less than 1 percent of CPU yet gives you the overall maturity score of your system( in terms of security).

Covering both local group policies and registry scan for windows based systems,Safe bots performs the security analysis against CIS and STIG benchmarks.(Demo shown in article below)

The product SAFE has both Agent based and agent less scanning options available for all assets including endpoints,Servers,Network devices depends upon customer requirement.

Difference Between Bot and an Agent?
Bot: Bot is the forefront with which the user interacts to get the tasks completed.They are generally associated with messaging apps, but not necessarily.

Agent:Agents works like rearward programs that could work 24*7 tirelessly to accomplish the tasks.

Both the buzzwords Agents and Bots are used synonymously provided they follow same process model in terms of getting user tasks done without direct supervision.They also follow rule based system upon inclusion with AI.

A program and a Bot:
People often seem confused with the two terms.When an bot also being coded on similar platforms why they are not called as programs?

All bots are programs but not all programs are bots.To justify the statement following are the reasons to state:

1.Program is simple automation while bots have “intelligence embedded”.
2.Program is a repetitive task performed based on certain logics written inside where as a bot can be made to learn by its environment around.
3.Unlike programs bots can be both communicative and perceptive towards the users.

But why do we need  Bots:
1.Automation of Repetitive work:No boredom doing same work over and again as bots can do the work in blink of eyes.
2.Cost effective:The total cost incur is only in the making of bots and can be used forever unlike human beings where cost factor is inevitable.
3.Great Performance and accuracy: Bots deliver best quality work when it comes to accuracy and velocity of delivery.
4.Round the clock availability: A bot will always be available to provide services to the customer thus ensuring uninterrupted response.

BOTS and AI:Reshaping the Technology
The intelligence part of the bot is generally achieved from democratisation of Artificial Intelligence.
Adding AI in bots boosts its capabilities exponentially.Using AI bot can perform Natural Level Processing, take decisions on its own for certain user prompted events, learn from its ecosystem by implying neural networks and other AI principles.

Bridging the Gap
Since bots and AI are taking the inroads at such fast pace,the need of the hour is to bridge the gap between human and Machines.
Machines are getting much powerful and smarter these days but when it comes to business acumen People will be the one to rely upon.

Example:Lucian Bot
A bot to Fetch windows local group policies

1. Lucian fetches local group policy of any system on which it gets deployed in one go click.After fetching the values it also performs remediation for a password policy(if selected by user).

2.The remediation is done as per the value supplied from console by the user.

Steps to execute the demo application:
1.Download the Lucian application on your system.

2.Right click on application and select “Run as administrator” option.
Note:The application requires admin privileges in order to interact with Windows registry.

When it comes to computation, computers are incredibly amazing.They possess the capability to process huge data just in milliseconds or even less time without omitting the accuracy factor.
However they lack in tackling the emotional domain.For a bot that performs natural language processing while communicating it is a must-to-consider parameter.

We are pretty sure that bots will be able to cover a wide domain of answers to user questions but humans have empathy which is an integral part in communication.

A bot is an intelligent system which undoubtedly accelerates performance, gives better results saves manpower and can be programmed as desired. Human beings on the other hand have great intelligence which is required to produce bots.Human beings are better in taking business decisions considering the ecosystem around.

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