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WiFi Security Pentesting with Airgeddon Framework for Beginners | Lucideus Research

This is a multi-use bash script for Linux systems to audit wireless networks.

Lab Environment
Attacker's Operating system:-Linux kali 4.13.0-kali-amd64
Wifi adapter:-Alpha Card
Framework:- Airgeddon

Step 1: Copy the GitHub link(https://github.com/v1s1t0r1sh3r3/airgeddon) and clone it on the desktop.

Step 2: Check the permission of all the file inside the airgedden.

Step 3: Change the permission of airgeddon.sh form -rw-r--r-- to -rwxrwxrwx by typing chmod 777 airgeddon.sh

Step 4: Connect wifi adapter and Run airgeddon.sh.

Step 5: Then check the requirement what this script needs to run. There is some error shown in this script but at this time we don't want any package for cracking the password so hit enter do ahead.

Step 6: Then select the interface to work with. We will work with wlan0 which is option 2.

Steps 7: Then put the wifi adapter in monitor mode which is in option 2. Then type 2 and hit enter.

Steps 8: After putting the adapter in the monitor mode, we will go for the handshake tools menu.which is in menu 5, then type 5 and hit enter. (Too Much Noob Way of Explaining :P )

Steps 9: Then we go for the capturing handshake which is in option 5 then type 5 and hit enter.

Steps 10: Then it starts monitoring the access point and lists all the access point within the range of wifi adapter.

Steps 11: Now we have a list of all access point and select the target on which we want to do password cracking.

Steps 12: After selecting the target we will choose the option 1, then this script will send the deauthentication packets to the clients which are connected to the access point(target).

Steps 13: After deauthenticate, the client the client automatically connects to the same access(target) point when client reconnect to the access point , script will capture the handshake.

Steps 14: This handshake by default save in the root directory, so grab from there.

Steps 15: Then exit the tool and start brute forcing the handshake file with the help of rockyou.txt Or you can create your own word list for complicated password also with crunch and start brute forcing the handshake file which you capture.

After brute-forcing the handshake file, we get the password that is 123456789. 

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  1. Make an AP with a '/' in its name, for example 'testap1/2' and try to attack it with airgeddon or fluxion ;)