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From Jack of All Trades to A Master Information Security Trainer

Finding a career in Cyber Security with Lucideus

Sanjeev Multani, InfoSec Trainer, Lucideus

Almost like every other student at my age, I was testing the water! My career started with gaming because I was driven by computers - soon after, I moved to Commerce to see if numbers or business was my calling. Before I knew, I had tried my hands at being a developer, a game developer, a Digital Marketer and even ran my own startup! Yes all at the age of 20!

Nothing seemed to work out! I wanted to do so many things but still wasn't sure of exactly what I wanted to pursue.

Destiny and hard work have played a wonderful role in my life. My skills and my will to share knowledge did find a home that respected it all.

Listening to My Heart…

Hola, I am Sanjeev, and this is about my journey at Lucideus. A journey that has made me a Confident man with high self-esteem! Indeed, I am happy!

Thinking of my early days, I started my schooling and was always an average student interested in technologies such as gaming, coding, developing etc. 

I had done my schooling in Commerce and Accountancy. This is a note to all those people who say Cyber Security is only for those who come from a Computer Science background. I was into Commerce but there was a “big” part of my heart that definitely wanted to do something in the field of Computers. I started with Gaming and game development using Unity - that’s how I enrolled into Computers in 2012 - after this I was into Web and Software Development and that was a crucial time -12th board examinations. 

After scoring and doing well, all my acquaintances around me were planning their careers ahead but I was confused about what to do. Therefore, my Father came to my rescue and suggested I go ahead with BCom followed by practising to becoming a Chartered Accountant, but honestly I wasn’t interested to pursue it. So, when I expressed my reluctance to my Father, I was surprised. He said “Okay, do what your heart says” with a smile. 

He then sat with me to understand what I wanted to take up as a career. I was confused, but one thing was clear - I had to do something in the sector of Information Technology. That was the time I started researching about Computer Technologies and happened to read an article that said “Apple developer site hacked” and keywords regarding “Ethical Hacking”. 

After a bit of research, I connected with an organization named CSSRL which introduced me into CyberSpace and I learnt about multiple aspects, followed with BCA, but still, it felt incomplete and I kept wondering why? Fighting a war at your home virtually will not make you a Warrior. I felt the need to explore and deep dive, which happened with time, I would like to thank Lucideus for providing me with this experience, exposure and giving me this opportunity.

I'd like to believe I was a trainer in college because I'd help my friends with the basics of how Cyber Security works, how attack vectors are implemented but it was just inside a room. I was always passionate about sharing the knowledge and skills which I had learnt over time. 

Back then, there were very only a handful of people that understood Cyber Security. The general assumption of Hackers being the bad guys existed. I was looking at breaking this perception. 

Life Changing Move

My Startup faced a roadblock so I decided to pursue some freelance and training projects alongside (till I finished my College). I applied for jobs to a few organisations specifically in the VAPT profiles. I went through multiple profiles as I didn’t know my right fit. 

Facing multiple rejections, I was looking at many enthusiasts and leaders of Cyber Security on LinkedIn, and stumbled upon Mr Rahul Tyagi (Co-Founder of Lucideus) and read a post “Lucideus is looking for Rockstar” on Rahul Tyagi’s Profile. I immediately messaged him my already crafted message with a CV attached, and within the next few minutes my phone rang! It was Shambhavi Srivastava, Senior HR from Lucideus. An interview was conducted by Rahul Sir and I landed an opportunity of interning under his mentorship. I can comfortably say it was Rahul who changed the whole perspective of my life.

The very first task assigned was to develop a Web Application Simulator (like DVWA), so that I could learn the development and Security part as of OWASP Top 10 Attacks (which I definitely wasn’t aware of). Starting with an assignment to learn OWASP attacks to today - teaching students how to do Bug Hunting with respect to OWASP Top 10 attacks! That's been my wonderful ride!

Apparently, it was during my internship period while I was explaining a topic to my team along with showing demos when Rahul saw a spark in me. He then told me that I have the skill of being a demonstrator - those are really the words that changed my life and made me stand where I am today. 

Every person in Lucideus has taught me something irrespective of their domain - what I've learnt is that if you make a correct mixture of hard work, perspective and time, you can be whatever you want, but never alone! You need people who are ready to teach you and what you learn is your outlook. 

Three T’s of Lucideus

Lucideus runs on 3 T’s - Training, Testing, and Transformation. Training is the root of Lucideus, and we’re not meant or known for a training module, we are known because of the Training delivery pattern and quality which stands apart!

When I started delivering training in Lucideus, I was fairly certain that the standards were high. That said,  I did struggle to satisfy the benchmark but time and dedication made it happen.

Leadership: Find the Right Rockstar

The one thing that is the most important key factor for every Presenter /Demonstrator /Trainer /Teacher in the world - is the “Charismatic Aura filled with strong Positive Vibes and Motivation”. The desire to Share knowledge is the most beautiful thing in the world and when a person has that, everyone listens!

The transformation I have seen in myself at Lucideus, especially in building leadership qualities, I doubt I'd get it anywhere in the world. The place truly Trusts People and Gives Responsibilities.

Here I stand Today

Yes, you read it right. No more confusions! I stand motivated - CONNECTING EVERY DOT of life - i.e. every skill, character, personality and motivation. I have been implementing them to share and teach students.

It’s been about 2 years of association with Lucideus, from when I joined as an Intern to Now. Many people ask me how I managed to get this far and my answer to them is “Do you remember how you get into Love?”- Believe me, It is the same feeling for me!

Today, I Sanjeev Multani, a PenTester, Gamer, Developer, Analyst, Presenter, Executor stand as an individual without confusions because I know what I am doing and why I am doing it. This is more than I expected! I probably had never imagined this Growth-Curve pattern for my skill set.

I am proud, grateful and very honoured to be a part of the Lucideus Family.

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