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The Journey So Far...

Ujjwal Singh
Manager | Administration

Every story is unique on its own and each one of us is on a journey with some goals and
aspirations to achieve something.

Similarly, I had an ambition to not just do something for myself, but also be able to impact
the lives of others in some way.

My first job was in Nepal and later I did my graduation and moved to Delhi. Thereafter,
I got an opportunity to manage Finance and operations in an IT company before joining
the Lucideus family.

I was at a very crucial stage of my life and Lucideus was the turning point.

It was a bit challenging for me to take up a new role to manage Administration considering
I had zero experience in the function. Nonetheless, I was able to cope-up well with the support
of colleagues and friends here.

I have witnessed growth of Lucideus not only in terms of revenue but the team or office size.
It used to be a very small team when I joined and now we are a team of 160+.

Very rarely does one get to work in a company that not only shapes you as a professional, but
also helps you evolve as a better person. It is tough to find supporting colleagues who help
maximise individual strengths and stand with you in successes and crisis ‘As One’.

Each act of support extended and every effort made by colleagues in one way or the other
has made it such a fulfilling journey for me.

I believe each day is a challenge for us to be better than yesterday and I strive to be better
at whatever I do. Lucideus gives a great  platform to learn and develop yourself. The culture
and supportive environment make it special and like a family that you want to be a part of.

I have made great friends over a period of time and it's been a very exciting journey. I would
like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Lucideus Family for their support.

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